Yui Hirasawa [平沢由比] is the main character in the K-ON! series. She is the fourth member of the Light Music Club to join, with no experience at all with music really. When she first saw the recruit poster when she was walking with Nodoka for the Light Music Club, she thought it was listening to light music and playing simple instruments like the recorder or something simple, which she later even admits at the Freshmen Reception. She really only joined because she didn't choose a club yet. The Light Music Club is shocked on how Yui got into their school, which is extremely hard to get in. Sakura High School is the school they attend. When Yui joined the Light Music Club, she could not play guitar and the team pitched in by getting part-time job recording traffic. Yui could of bought a cheap guitar, but one guitar caught her eye, which was ¥750,000, which is about $7,500. She asked her mother for a ¥50,000 pay raise, which is about $5,000, and she ended up getting the guitar. Tsumugi asked for a bargain at the cash register, and the clerk reconized that Tsumugi was the daughter of the Store president, since Tsumigi's family owns the shop. She has a younger sister Ui, who is down-to-earth and mature, pretty much the exact oppisite of Yui. Yui does not get that good marks in school, and often goes to her childhood friend Nodoka. Yui losses her concentration and focus easily, and gets easily distracted. She once failed her Mid-Terms in her first-year, and if she failed the make-ups, she couldn't participate in any clubs. Before the make-ups, the club was warned that they may have to disband if Yui didn't take the Make-Ups within the week of studying or passing. She was tutored by the bass player Mio three day before the make-up. She passed and the club did not disband, because the Sakura Club rules, a club can not exist unless it has an advisor [Sawako-sensei] and at least 4 members. Yui lives a care-free life and learned she could not sing and play guitar at the same time. She names her Guitar Giita [ギイタ] and can not play guitar without it. She is a great vocalist and she wrote a lot a lyrics to the songs, which suprised the LIght Music Club, since they always though Ui did it for her.